It Was 23 Years Ago ….. (in Bosnia and Herzegovina)

1993 Bosnia

My First Experience of the Balkans was 1993 Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Recently Tamara and I stopped off at Rama Lake on the way back home from a short stay in Montenegro.

We pondered about whether we should take a different route than our normal one, and travel via Tomislavgrad.

To be honest we stopped after some 10 minutes, checked Google Maps and realised that it would add tons of travel time.

At the stop point we caught another amazing view of Rama Lake AND a further realisation for ME.

23 years ago I was almost at the same spot on this road!

Back then I was in the country with a mobile radio station supporting the UK component of UNPROFOR.

It’s along story, (for another blogpost in the future perhaps), but back then “we” were trying to get to the UK headquarters in Gornji Vakuf.

We had left Tomislavgrad in the morning, but as we approached Prozor we were stopped by the British cavalry squadron from proceeding, as there was some serious fighting between the warring factions inside the town.

We were turned back.

1993 Bosnia

Being turned back. On the road to Prozor. 1993

I remember being both concerned and disappointed.

The country back then seemed to resemble a living nightmare (maybe Hell would be a better description), in so many ways.

Total chaos.


Back to the present.

As I looked down on the lake as I did all those years ago, it just hit me that I had never in my wildest dreams, back then, thought that I would come back to the country in 1998, help in some tiny way and that I would live here, seeing some sense of “normality” return.

On getting home to the village, I searched for some old pictures taken during that journey and posted them on Flickr.

It was 23 years ago ...

Although today, I focus as much as I can on “living in the moment”, sometimes a tiny bit of reflection puts life into perspective.

Don’t you think?

1993 Bosnia

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