A Birthday Party in the Village

A Birthday Party in the VillageA Birthday Party in the Village

I would say that I my opinion, most of us “Brits”, whether at home or abroad, are monarchists.

We are strange people that like having a Royal Family.

It is, after all, one of the things that define us both nationally and culturally.

In our annual calendar, on the second Saturday in June, the Sovereign, celebrates her (or his) official birthday. Why June when they might be born in March for example?

Well it’s the best time to hold a national celebration, when you consider how awful British weather is at most other times.

Here in the village each year, we hold a small party for select guests to come together with us, to both watch the Queen’s Birthday Parade (Trooping the Colour) on TV, followed by an afternoons semi formal sit down buffet with a mixture of good Balkan and British food.

Think Coronation Chicken meets Pećana Pras 🙂

This year was no exception, and we had some new faces around the table including two other Englishman (Ian and Mark), that live here with their local wives as well as a celebrity chef.

As usual the atmosphere was eclectic with two languages adding to the hustle and bustle of conversations, anecdotes and storytelling that just didn’t seem to pause at all throughout the day.

Remember, it’s cool, socially engaged people, that make such events momentous.

It does take some effort to host our small event but the feeling of joy and satisfaction that we get from it is priceless.

With Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second now advancing in years, it might not be too long before our toast will change to “God Save the King”.

But let’s not think about that today.

A Birthday Party in the Village

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