A Short Trip Back to the UK

A Short Trip Back to the UK

It’s a Monday and so far I have been travelling since 0630hrs. First by bus from Laktaši to Zagreb. Then to Zagreb Airport and from there onto Heathrow via München.

A Short Trip Back to the UK
Lufthansa sandwiches have been the offering on both legs of the flights.

You may well ask why I am not taking a direct flight from Zagreb. The reason is simple. By routing using lastminute.com, flight prices are almost halved. I have the luxury of having time on my side, (most people don’t), so I take advantage of saving money.

I have “done” this trip so many times over the years. Some stressful, some less so. Today was “reasonable”.

A Short Trip Back to the UK
I am on the RailAir bus to Reading as I write this.

Wifi on offer (free), but seat belts mandatory.

My visit plan?

The next 4.5 days I intend catching up with my family, enjoying a curry (we don’t have Indian restaurants in Banja Luka) and maybe getting some typically British things to take back (Marmite, Cayenne Pepper, Zip lock bags etc).

It’s an unusual feeling (once again) to be hearing my native language spoken everywhere around me.

Let my mini adventure begin 😀

A Short Trip Back to the UK

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