A Week in a Heatwave

A Week in a Heatwave

A Week in a Heatwave.

I read on the BBC site that the recent heatwave hitting Southern Europe has been called “LucIfer”.

A Week in a Heatwave

How very apt.

So I am sat drinking coffee on the first evening in a while where I am not perspiring heavily from the unusually hot weather that has descended upon the western Balkans.

These past seven days have seen temperatures rise to 42C (feels like 45). Average temperatures though, 37C.

It’s taken it’s toll on me that’s for sure.

Lethargic is an understatement.

Although my small office, situated in a small building near the main house, has Air Conditioning, the rest of the downstairs apartment where I live doesn’t.

It never ceases to amaze me how local people quickly adapt to temperature changes, even marginally drastic ones like we have now.

Firstly, windows and doors are closed and blinds dropped around 0900 (before the air starts to warm up).

Result? A dark but almost fridge like environment to retreat to. If there is AC, then even colder.

During the period from 1100 to say around 1700, people simply relax or sleep. That’s so sensible.

1700 arrives. Time to crack on with daily tasks etc, until around 2100, when it’s dark.

That’s also the time to open the windows and doors, and enjoy the breeze that runs through. The room design of our place seems to produce some sort of “Venturi” effect.

A Week in a Heatwave

Extreme refreshing.

Sleeping at night though, takes some getting used to, as the temperature hasn’t dropped below 23C most days.

My appetite has slowed down monumentally, and I have been drinking more plain water (something I am normally not very good at).

Also electrical equipment has felt like it’s overheating, and getting back into a car after shopping?

That’s more unbearable than unbearable.

The forecast says another week of this and then back to the 32C that’s become typical for the region.

We will see.

Global Warming is starting to change the predictability of the seasons.

A week in a Heatwave

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