Walking from Amsterdam to Sarajevo.

Walking from Amsterdam to Sarajevo

Walking from Amsterdam to Sarajevo.

Recently I stumbled upon an amazing status update that popped up in my An Englishman in the Balkans Facebook feed.

Eva Smeele, a lady from Amsterdam, was walking some 4,000 kilometres from her home city to Sarajevo.

I started to follow her Facebook updates and also discovered her amazing Instagram feed as well.

But why walk such a long distance, and alone?

Eva wrote this to describe her reasons:

“The 24th of March I left Amsterdam to hike for a while. “Walking back to the Balkans”. Why? Because I can, because I like hiking. Because it’s slow, because it’s a perfect way to really see a country. To feel and experience. Because I feel good, being “on the road”. And because I thought it would be a good idea to (re)discover my own country, before heading off to the Balkans”.

I really needed to find out more about this and especially more about such an adventurous person.

So on this edition of the podcast, I catch up with Eva during a break she is making on the return leg of her journey, in Split, Croatia.

She tells of her highs, lows, fears and joys of her 4,000 kilometre and her impressions and experiences on the Via Dinarica

Walking from Amsterdam to Sarajevo.

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