Compulsive App Addiction do I have it?

Compulsive App Addiction

I have had (am still having) a very disturbed night of sleep.

It’s 0520hrs and I am worrying massively about my youngest daughter’s family move to New York..

It’s just coming up to 36 hours before they fly and their shipping company is acting like muppets.

I might write a separate post about that. But then again maybe not. Family chaos should remain private. Don’t you think?

Anyway, I am on my iPhone reading the news and checking status updates etc, in order to while away the time and keep my mind occupied.

Using a mobile device in this instance isn’t healthy I know. I should try meditation.

But …..

Looking at said iPhone it’s just dawned on me that I have 134 apps installed.



What’s caused me to have so many mobile tools (that’s what apps are after all) downloaded?

I mean, I don’t use them all everyday.

Do I have some sort of compulsive “I have to have the latest gimmick (app)” syndrome?

I am going to have a cull. A clear out.

Can I be ruthless enough?

Compulsive App Addiction.

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