Back to the Balkans on a Jet Plane.

Back to the Balkans

It’s always (for me at least), a time to reflect, when flying. I am not one of those travellers that can move around airports and aircraft with headphones on, listening to music or podcasts. I prefer staring out of the window. Daydreaming or planning/scheming.

It’s a sunny morning at LHR as we taxi from the gate onboard LH2471, bound for München. The second leg this afternoon, will see me move further away, to Zagreb.

This first flight is short (1.5 hours) and the weather forecast good.

My recent 4 day break back to the UK has been to catch up with my youngest daughter before she leaves, with her young family, to live in New York City.

Back to the Balkans

In fact as I write from some 3km up in the air, she has just checked in for her flight early this afternoon.

I have lived away from the UK for the greater part of my life and to be honest have rarely felt any nostalgic pull to return permanently.

I find it both exciting and fulfilling to experience non “British” cultures.

“Home is where the Heart is”.

My genes seem to repeat in my kids.

My eldest daughter spent 4 years in Hong Kong with her family and my son is at present in Singapore.

So it’s time for Victoria to do her, “expat” thing.

Having said all this and with all my life experiences so far, I am feeling a great deal of sadness again, (as I did when the other children embarked on their long distance adventures).

I worry about how they will get on and cope.

Really stupid I know as they are all adults. But nevertheless I feel deep sadness and worry.

Once I get to visit them and catch up, I know already, that all my anxiety will start to disappear. It will actually start later today, when I get the “landed safely” message.

Back to the Balkans

The world is so peaceful up up here above the pristine white clouds. It always is for me. My grandchildren will be looking at that view soon as well.


Well I am now leaving München for Zagreb, from where the rest of my journey will be by car.

Back to the Balkans

I will be home this evening.

Back in the western Balkans.

Back living (through choice), in another cultural space.

Back where almost everyday is a micro-adventure.

Back where life is never boring.

Back to the Balkans – Leaving on a Jet Plane.

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