The Balkan Bacon Butty

Bacon Butty

The Balkan Bacon Butty.

I was watching one of my favourite YouTube channels (“Wiltshire Man”), this morning, pre breakfast.

Anyway, as usual, it was an amazingly informative and entertaining video.

I highly recommend that you find time to watch.

I always read the video descriptions, and today he finished by saying “enjoy a bacon butty every now and then”.

A “Butty” for all intense and purposes is another word for a sandwich.

So, “why not? I thought”.

Although Balkan meat cuts are, in the main, very much different to back in the UK, here’s my twist on a “Balkan Bacon Sandwich”.

By The Way, you can follow Sandy Jack (aka Wiltshire Man) on Instagram @jackloreknives.

Thanks Sandy, for the inspiration.

Bacon Butty.

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