A new “Sound” for the Re-Launched Balkan Adventures Podcast

Balkan Adventures PodcastI talk to Brankica from the DemoFest Organisation

A new “Sound” for the Re-Launched Balkan Adventures Podcast.

I have been fascinated by radio (today read “podcasting”) from a very early age.

I love how audio is the ultimate theatre of the mind.

So, I have re-launched the Balkan Adventures Podcast

Podcasting is, I suppose, the new “radio frontier”, and after the initial burst of podcasting hysteria about 10 years ago, there is now a massive resurgence.

The traditional podcast listening habit has been centred around people subscribing to podcasts through ¬†iTunes or a “Podcatcher”.

To keep up to date with newly published content, subscribing is the easiest way.

For this podcast however just subscribing to the website will be enough as I will be publishing each episode as a blog post.

New episodes will publish¬†on Wednesdays and I really do hope that you’ll enjoy listening to them.

So, in this first “re-launched” episode, its about why the podcast is back, and why craft brewing might be able to keep a worthwhile youth project alive in Mostar.

If you have any suggestions about future guests feel free to let me know by leaving a comment on this page.

the Balkan Adventures Podcast

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