The end of a Balkan Autumn

The end of a Balkan Autumn

It’s coming to the end of a Balkan Autumn and the smell of burning leaves is everywhere at the moment.

Leaves and broken and fallen branches being burned creates a very nostalgic trip for me from times gone by. I am not sure, but maybe in this day and age, back in the UK, burning stubble and leaves might not be allowed anymore?


We are definitely at the time of year here when the Balkans prepares for the soon to arrive winter and the often bitter bitter weather that comes along for the ride.

And bitter those days can get (-20C or lower).

Soon frost and ice will nip the fields that today have been ploughed and tilled and exposed to mother nature so that the earth can  be “cleaned” and sterilised in nature’s way before the next Spring.

We have already got our other winter prep sorted as far as fuel logs are concerned and food too.

Talking about food, it will soon be the season for “sarma” and more about THAT in a future post here on the blog.

The end of a Balkan Autumn
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