Balkan Rarebit – Anglo-Jugo-Fusion.

Balkan Rarebit

Balkan Rarebit.

Tamara and I recently spent some time back in the UK catching up with some of family and our friends.

Visiting other countries is always an amazing opportunity to explore new food tastes and recipes.

Tamara also likes to buy herbs, spices and condiments that we can’t get in the shops and stores where we live.

For me being back in the UK is an opportunity to eat the things that I just can’t get in the Balkans.

Fish and Chips, Indian Curries, Black Pudding, Cornish Pasties, Sunday Roasts with Yorkshire Pudding, Pork Pies, to name but a few.

One evening whilst at my sisters, my brother-in-law, Brian, introduced Tamara to the British way of eating cheese on toast or “Welsh Rabbit”.

Rabbit? But you said it was called Rarebit?

I did, but actually the correct name is “Rabbit”.

I didn’t use that word in this post title as half the non meat eating or animal friendly world would just ignore reading this.

Basically it’s a slice of bread that is lightly buttered with some cheese on top that’s then spiced up with salt and pepper.

The whole thing is then placed under the grill until the cheese just turns brown.

On this occasion Brian added Worcestershire Sauce.

Tam was immediately impressed (well done Brian!) and so much so, that she’s been experimenting with different savoury twists these past few evenings.

The first real Balkan Rarebit creation is lightly buttered bread with a topping of Beans and Kranjska sausage, popped under the grill for 10 minutes.


You can find out more about Welsh Rabbit HERE

What’s your favourite “Rabbit”?

Balkan Rarebit – a new Culinary Experience

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