Hot Sunny Balkan Weekends. I need Protection!

Balkan Weekends

Balkan Weekends.

Sunday 7 June 1500hrs. Its 30+ outside my home office. The sun is very strong and there’s a breeze. A deadly combination for me. I truly love this weather, even though I have to keep my face protected as otherwise I look like a lobster and develop what looks like rosacea. And trust me, thats really shitty! Putting up with extremely cold (for me) winters here in the western Balkans is worth it, just for these gorgeous summer months. The latest merchandise I recently had delivered included these super French golf caps with a nice large peak. Great addition 🙂 So here I am crashed on the couch till the heat dies down a bit. Then out to experiment more with my new camera. #balkanadventures #anenglishmaninthebalkans #livingthedream #lovethebalkans

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Hot Sunny Balkan Weekends.

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