Beme an app to tell my Stories easier maybe.

Using Beme to tell my Stories.

When I return to the UK on family visits, I tend to reduce the level of my “public” social documentation of my life. Some things should remain private. I sign up to that view.


I find using video extremely interesting.

I vlog reasonably successfully, (but still learning on an almost daily basis) on YouTube and Storie.

Storie is an app that’s captivated me with its simplicity and ease of creating content without the need for a complicated video skills base.

It’s also FREE.

It’s only downside is that there’s no Android version so many hundreds of thousands of potential mobile video creators (storie tellers) can’t use this simple but amazingly dynamic platform. I am sure the storie team will sort that in due course.

At the moment, however, I am experimenting heavily with Beme, a video creation and sharing app, founded by Casey Neistat.

Beme allows me to create and share my experiences in real time but without the ability to preview what I am seeing. It records in 4 second segments through use of the proximity sensor built into the mobile device.

4 seconds is longer than you might think.

It’s still early days for me. I like it to be honest. Using the “save video to camera roll” option, I can create a vlog of a few minutes by lacing together Beme segments, adding intro and outros plus music, via the iMovie app.

Beme does need to be connected (data or wifi) to record however, and that might be a stumbling block at times when I am back in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I’ll see how that pans out.

Right then. Time to play.

Using Beme to tell my Stories.

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