What is a Blogger living in the Balkans Supposed to Blog About?

Blogger living in the Balkans

What is a Blogger living in the Balkans Supposed to Blog About?

First of all, let me start today by saying that it’s COLD here in the village.

I wish I had been a bit more focussed in school.

Maybe that would have resulted in me feeling comfortable writing.

Writing ….. anything. I find writing extremely difficult.

I am a rambler. I have a “monkey mind”. I jump all over the place. Focussing is definitely not a strong suit with me.

I am starting to meditate on a daily basis, in the hope that I can tame “the monkey”.

To be honest, creating videos is easier for me rather than writing posts on a blog. Not that I am a particularly talented videographer. At least with video, people actually see things, rather than try to build pictures in their minds from my wordy descriptions.

You can’t imagine how many times I tried to launch a blog, only to delete everything after a few short weeks.

The fact that my “An Englishman in the Balkans” Blog has over 100 posts, still confuses (amuses) me.

My main worry (apart from stringing words together) is what to write about.

I love where I live, but do other people really want to read about my experiences? I mean, I know I say that I am “living the dream” but that’s personal to me. Right?

People want to read “sensible” things.

Don’t they?

So far I have tried to jot down the things and events that happen to me in my blogs, but not as a journal might read.

Readership is growing extremely slowly. I have searched the web for solutions to grow the blogs but apparently it’s all down to the content and who is interested.

I asked my partner, Tamara, if she had any idea of what sort of person might be remotely interested in what I create.

Amazingly, she thought former Balkan people who now live across the globe might would like to be kept in touch with the daily culture and events they left behind. Could this be my audience.

I hadn’t thought of that and so I have decided to make an effort to develop my rather small Facebook Group, in order to provide that sort of information.

That might also help to grow my blog and YouTube channel.

Time will tell.

Maybe the practice of writing ramblings like this might result in me becoming a true Blogger?

What is a Blogger living in the Balkans Supposed to Blog About

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