Boiled Beef for lunch at Šta Je Tu Je

It Is What It Is - Boiled Beef for lunch

It Is What It Is – Boiled Beef for lunch.

Yesterday was another blisteringly hot day here in the village.

Both myself and my partner Tamara are digital nomads and have that great freedom to determine what we do and when we do it, regardless if that’s work or play.

So when it started to get a bit too hot and to be honest neither of us were in the mood to cook, we decided to go to “our local” for a light lunch.

Not too far away from where we live is Glamočani, a small place on the “old road” from Laktaši to Banja Luka.

I think that it was last year that we noticed a new small restaurant had opened next to the road.

We called it the mali pivnica (small brewery) but it’s real name is Šta Je Tu Je, which loosely translated means “It is what it is”.

Feel free to correct me if that’s not the correct translation.

Šta Je Tu Je, sells great draught beer as well as offering a simple menu of domestic (read local) dishes at an amazingly cheap price.

No cordon bleu or T bone steaks to be seen.

So our choice on this visit was, lignje sa žara with kuvana blitva (calamari from the grill with spinach) for Tamara and I had lešo junetina, which is a sort of clear soup with pieces of beef.

Tam also had Šopska salata (a refreshing salad).

For desert it was ice cream.

No beers for a change but fresh real lemonade (not the sparkling sweet rubbish I grew up with in the UK).

I am not sure how the locals here view Sta Je Tu Je but put it this way. It’s never empty and always has a full car park despite its slightly “out of the way” location.

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Give them a try when you are in the area.

Disclaimer: Šta Je Tu Je have not given any compensation in any way for writing this post.

It Is What It Is – Boiled Beef for lunch.

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