Building a Micro-Brewery

My Life in the Balkans

Building a Micro-Brewery.

There’s not much that remains a secret in rural Bosnia and Herzegovina. Trust me!

It seems that no matter how private a life you wish to lead, neighbours etc still seem to know.

Something I am still getting used to even after more than a decade.

So it did surprise me to find out (during a conversation about the growing craft beer trend in the country), that just near our village, someone was upping their brewing game.

A few days later, Tamara and I set off to find out more.

Indeed there was a “micro-pivnica”, but not producing any product for retail as yet. Also it wasn’t a “garage operation”, rather something more substantial.

The team behind this project is lead by a local “small businessman”.

He’s built a small facility that still has to be completed, and together with a brewing expert from Serbia, is installing all the equipment required.

Unlike many owners here, this one has his sleeves rolled up and is getting stuck in.

It’s taking time. It’s without doubt a “labour of love”. He’s not oozing money, so he’s taking things one step at a time.

Having said all of this, he is brewing and we did get to sample some of his “amber nectar”

It’s good, very good.

The aim is to produce a lager type product. He’s not going to be in the”craft beer” game.

With more than a few obstacles overcome and more looming on the horizon, his passion and enthusiasm is admirable.

It’s anticipated that within the next 18 months he should have his product at market.

I love being around the entrepreneurial spirit here in the Balkans.

It’s both inspirational and uplifting.

Even more so here in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country that still has to embrace a truly free market economy with an even playing field.

We’ll keep you updated here on the blog.

Building a Micro-Brewery

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