Can Bosnia and Herzegovina be kept clean

Can Bosnia and Herzegovina be kept clean

I often wonder about how many of us love watching travel programmes on TV (does anyone actually watch TV anymore?) or follow travel bloggers/writers.

We seem to like to disappear in the sights and sounds of other, distant, exotic, places. We either use these remote opportunities to escape the dull reality that is out current lifestyle OR to plan a holiday or other future adventure.

the “poorer” parts of Quito, Ecuador

Whatever, we only get to see the side of the story that the presenters or producers want us to see. We rarely get given glimpses of “reality” (poverty, lack of sanitation, hopelessness etc).

And should we travel to these destinations ourselves, we rarely document that reality either. I have often wondered why?

Today, Tamara and I went for a short walk with our dogs.

Just a stroll really down the valley near our house.

As we got close to our local river, we saw, again, so much garbage just dumped on the river bank.

Can Bosnia and Herzegovina be kept clean
Plastic bags full of (I have no idea), garden waste, metal containers and, can you believe, an old computer monitor. Remember those ones that took two men to lift? Yes, one of those.

What makes people who live in such beautiful, natural environments act with such disrespect for the environment?

It’s not as if the municipality don’t provide refuse services.

Can Bosnia and Herzegovina be kept clean
They do. And efficiently too.

I have been fortunate to see some of planet earth and it’s magnificent beauty.

Graffiti on Mount Cotopaxi, Ecuador

I have also seen piles of garbage just tossed anywhere on the streets and roads.  From Pristina in Kosovo, Hong Kong, Kabul in Afghanistan and even graffiti and trash some 3,000 metres high in the remote Ecuadorian Andes!

I started this blog to tell my story of Bosnia and Herzegovina in such a way as to entice people to come from across the world to see this rather magical country.

Today I realised that I need to show the “realities” too.

Can Bosnia and Herzegovina be kept clean?

I made the following micro-vlog back in 2013. Little has changed. Sad.

How can we stop people disrespecting nature and their own environment?

Can Bosnia and Herzegovina be kept clean?
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