Canada Day 2015 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Canada Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Canada Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As Tamara is a Canadian citizen, July 1st is always a special day for both Tamara and the both of us in our year.

Tamara left BiH for Canada in the mid 1990’s.

She spent some 7 years andĀ became a real Canuk. I think she misses Canada more than she sometimes lets on.

I spent 2.5 very happy years also in Canada, working in Kingston, Ontario.

I made some mazing friends and also experienced living in the second biggest country in the world.

From Coffee to Ice Hockey, from minus 45C to plus 35C, it was just one big adventure for me.

Small wonder then that on 01 July each year we take out our Canadian Flag and enjoy the day.

We try to replicate things like pancakes and maple syrup we should also try poutineĀ in the future.

But let’s see.

Anyway here’s this years vlog we made.

Canada Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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