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How to Sarajevo | A City Guide

How to Sarajevo

How to Sarajevo. This is a Guest Post from Bruce Foster. When told that the people, culture, and history of Sarajevo were like an onion, I was intrigued.  But it… Read More

Drinking for Peace in the Balkans

Drinking for Peace

Drinking for Peace. This guest post is by Christoph Baumgarten of Balkan Stories. Drinking Makes The World A Better Place. Drinking certainly can make the world seem brighter at times –… Read More

Jovandan – A weekend in January.

Jovandan 2017

Jovandan 2017. Note: The following are my experiences and may not reflect how other Balkan families celebrate. I quite cheekily call my first month of the year, “Saint January”. I… Read More

Hristos se rodi – Serbian Orthodox Christmas

Serbian Orthodox Christmas

Serbian Orthodox Christmas. Its the 7th of January. Christmas Day in the Serbian Orthodox Church Calendar. We are in Banja Luka at Tamara’s parents apartment. Its just past midday and… Read More

This Time Last Year and Badnji Dan

Badnji Dan

Today is the 6th January and in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina its Christmas Eve 0r “Badnji Dan”. I woke up this morning to a healthy burst (or three)… Read More