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Rugby Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Rugby Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Earlier today I was crashed on the couch in my office taking a “creative break”. I have a series of video tutorials to produce and just when I needed to… Read More

Dan Žena – 8. Mart

Dan Žena

My first contact (what a military type phrase), with International Women’s Day was back in 1999. I can’t really remember having either witnessed, or even heard of the day before… Read More

Banja Luka Chefs

Banja Luka Chefs

It would be amazingly naive of me to paint a picture of Bosnia and Herzegovina as an idyllic country that resembles paradise and somewhere everyone should visit in order to… Read More

Zimsko Prelo – Winter Spinning

Zimsko Prelo

Yesterday I spent the evening in Gornje Piskavice, a village hidden away in the hills to the east of Banja Luka. My friends at Mondo BiH thought I might find a… Read More

Dubioza Kolektiv – Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dubioza Kolektiv

Dubioza Kolektiv – Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I first heard this rather unusual name mentioned, umm, maybe 10 years or so ago? At that time I thought, OK, someone… Read More