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Preparing for Winter

Preparing for Winter

Preparing for Winter in Bosnia and Herzegovina. October and November are no behind us and the fruit from the local gardens and orchards have been distilled in various forms of… Read More

Preparing Winter Food

Winter Food

Preparing Winter Food in the Village. Since I first decided to sort of settle here in Bosnia and Herzegovina all those years ago, one of the things that hit me… Read More

The Balkan Bacon Butty

Bacon Butty

The Balkan Bacon Butty. I was watching one of my favourite YouTube channels (“Wiltshire Man”), this morning, pre breakfast. Anyway, as usual, it was an amazingly informative and entertaining video.… Read More

Sarma. “Traditional Winter Food”.


Sarma. “Traditional Winter Food”. It’s 06 December, and today’s focus is packing for my flight tomorrow back to the UK. I am going back for an early Christmas catch up… Read More

Cabbage Week in the Village

Winter Cabbages

Winter Cabbages. Starting to get ready for winter. It’s not cold yet here in the village. It’s getting chilly especially as evening approaches but not COLD (like it’s going to… Read More