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Sarma. “Traditional Winter Food”.


Sarma. “Traditional Winter Food”. It’s 06 December, and today’s focus is packing for my flight tomorrow back to the UK. I am going back for an early Christmas catch up with my family (my children are coming back from around the world) and also to see my mum. The plan is that on the 11th, […]


Cabbage Week in the Village

Winter Cabbages

Winter Cabbages. Starting to get ready for winter. It’s not cold yet here in the village. It’s getting chilly especially as evening approaches but not COLD (like it’s going to be). Growing up in the Home Counties of England the change in seasons was marked by the weather and TV/Sports schedules. Although I travelled a […]


Boiled Beef for lunch at Šta Je Tu Je

It Is What It Is - Boiled Beef for lunch

It Is What It Is – Boiled Beef for lunch. Yesterday was another blisteringly hot day here in the village. Both myself and my partner Tamara are digital nomads and have that great freedom to determine what we do and when we do it, regardless if that’s work or play. So when it started to […]