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Impressions of Banja Luka | October 2017.

Impressions of Banja Luka

Impressions of Banja Luka. I think that my views on both living here in the Western Balkans, and the greater Banja Luka area in particular, are quite well known. I… Read More

The River of Love | The Raška River in Novi Pazar

The River of Love

The River of Love. She has rightfully earned her title as the “River of Love”, the River Raška in Novi Pazar. There aren’t many riversides sporting as many love messages… Read More

How to Sarajevo | A City Guide

How to Sarajevo

How to Sarajevo. This is a Guest Post from Bruce Foster. When told that the people, culture, and history of Sarajevo were like an onion, I was intrigued.  But it… Read More

Drinking for Peace in the Balkans

Drinking for Peace

Drinking for Peace. This guest post is by Christoph Baumgarten of Balkan Stories. Drinking Makes The World A Better Place. Drinking certainly can make the world seem brighter at times –… Read More