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My Life in the Balkans

My Life in the Balkans

My Life in the Balkans. It’s the first November Sunday morning here in the village. Heavy dew on the ground, a clear blue sky, decidedly chilly and the smell of… Read More

My 8 Crazy things about Bosnia and Herzegovina

8 Crazy Things about Bosnia and Herzegovina

Top 8 Crazy things about Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have opted to live (with my partner) in her home country of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). I have been here (with… Read More

My Life Re-Imagined.

My Life Re-Imagined

My Life Re-Imagined. I am sat in the living room on a chilly (outside) Autumn Balkan evening. The wood burner is taking the edge off the chill whilst creating that… Read More

The Balkan Bacon Butty

Bacon Butty

The Balkan Bacon Butty. I was watching one of my favourite YouTube channels (“Wiltshire Man”), this morning, pre breakfast. Anyway, as usual, it was an amazingly informative and entertaining video.… Read More