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Offshore Radio, Bosnia and Uganda

online broadcasting

Today is August 14th 2016. I intentionally blanked out this past week in my diary, as I had an old acquaintance I met over 10 years ago in Hong Kong,… Read More

Balkan Timelapsing.

Balkan Timelapsing

Welcome to Balkan Timelapsing I don’t know what attracts me so much to watch short video clips of maybe 30-40 seconds (or even shorter), where the clouds seem to move… Read More

Speed Geeking in Tbilisi.

Speed Geeking in Tbilisi

I am a total convert to Speed Geeking. Let me tell you why. I love the lifestyle I have. Although I am effectively “retired” (does that make me a pensioner?),… Read More

Digital Publishing from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Digital Publishing from Bosnia and Herzegovina

It’s dusk here in the village and after a warm, sunny Wednesday. I have my home office door open (it’s a small outbuilding) and the evening birdsong (dusk chorus), is… Read More

Play Media Day – It’s ALL about the conversation

Play Media Day

Disclosure: Dijana Tepšić worked for me between 2000 and 2005. Trying to get people to engage with each other or with brands or organisations isn’t as easy as we sometimes… Read More