Čevap Spaghetti created in Montenegro.

čevap spaghetti

Čevap Spaghetti created in Montenegro

With Tamara being imobilsed temporarily since her leg injury, it’s time for meals served in bed.

I am getting a bit creative and using what we have in the kitchen to make a quick main meal for the two of us.

We had some čevap available, so together with a carton of tomato sauce and some spaghetti I have decided to try and create an easy fix.

I have named it čevap spaghetti.

Čevap diced up and fried in the pane, followed by the addition of the tomato sauce and some herbs.

Spaghetti as normal.

Do you have a better suggestion to offer?

It would be cool to hear them 🙂

Čevap Spaghetti created in Montenegro

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