chutney from čardačani – bringing india to bosna i herzegovina.


I don’t think anyone who lives away from their native country (either as an expat or otherwise) can ever truly lose their nostalgic links.

There’s always something that you miss and it’s often something thats pretty insignificant in the greater game of life.

I don’t really miss living in the United Kingdom (its hellishly expensive and the weather is rather meh) but I do miss certain tastes such as Marmite and Indian Meals eaten in Indian Restaurants.

I miss cheese and biscuits at the end of large family Sunday lunches and dinner parties.

I miss “black pudding” as part of a “Heart Stopping” fried breakfast.

I adore Chutney.

I could go on forever for sure. I do after all, Live to Eat!

We have a huge amount of apples here in the garden every year and although the majority are either eaten or taken away to be distilled into “Jabukavaća” (an apple brandy similar to Calvados), quite a lot go to waste.


A few years ago I attempted to make some apple chutney from the windfalls. No one here had heard of it and so the experiment was fun.

Like eating mint sauce with lamb (something we Brits enjoy but locals here find almost sacrilegious) the idea of eating a sweet/sour condiment with cheese also raised eyebrows.

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However, the responses were not as I had anticipated. In fact it was extremely positive and over the past two years the question of making some more has popped up more than once.

This past weekend we all got together to make some more. Tamara took a standard recipe and added her twist to it, at the same time reducing the amount of sugar (the healthy option).


Although chutney needs to “rest” for a good few weeks before eating, the initial taste results were amazing.


We are considering offering some samples outside the family circle to see what other balkan taste buds say about this now typically British condiment.

We vlogged about it, so you can see for yourself.

čardačani chutney – bringing the indian sub continent to bosnia

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