Coffee by the River Vrbas in August

coffee by the river vrbas

Coffee by the River Vrbas in August

A cool coffee bar with a cool car collection at Šehitluci, Banja Luka.

It is said that Šehitluci is the oldest part of today’s Banja Luka.

Whatever, its certainly full of old style traditional Ottoman houses reflecting the 540 years or so of Turkish occupation.

There are some private baths fed with natural hot spring water, some small restaurants that serve really cool food (think places where tourists might not go) and great river views.

Also, to the south, along the river bank, is a coffee bar with the most eclectic collection of Jugo-Nostalgia.

And thats where we made this vlog at Restaurant Slap, which means waterfall.

Coffee by the River Vrbas in August

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