Demofest 08 the Biggest Free Festival in the Region.

demofest 08 - banja luka

Demofest 08 the Biggest Free Festival in the region.

Demofest is an annual music festival of unsigned bands from the former Jugoslavija, and held annually, in July, in the Kastel  in Banja Luka.

Its competition based and open to all unsigned rock, punk, pop, metal, hip hop or reggae bands originating from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro or Macedonia

“David talks to Brankica Raković (nee Stojanović), to find out how Demofest has changed and what can be expected from this years festival’.

The first event was in 2008 and since then its been growing year on year.

Its the biggest free Festival of its type in the region.

In 2013, the festival was included in the UNESCO list of projects contributing to cultural rapprochement and establishing ties between countries of the former Yugoslavia.

The festival has also featured in the film “Zduhač Means Adventure”, whose plot follows several characters on their journey to Demofest.

If you are ever in the Banja Luka area in July, you simply must check out Demofest!

Demofest 08 the Biggest Free Festival in the region.

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