Frustrations of a Digital Nomad.

Digital Nomad.

Digital Nomad.

It’s been a weird few days.

We woke up last Friday morning to no internet.

Well, no broadband feed that we get via Satellite from the UK.

We do have a connection from a local provider here in Bosnia and Herzegovina but all it’s capable of is handling email and basic surfing.

Rural environments aren’t top priority for data connectivity it seems.

Whatever, no way can it cope with uploading Vlogs to YouTube!

We are bloggers and vloggers.

Tamara is a front end web developer and I also occasionally freelance as a Podcast Producer for clients around the world. So fast, efficient connectivity means a lot.

We invested in the Satellite connection as an integral part of growing our blogs and Vlogs.

Satellite delivery is not the silver bullet to all our connectivity requirements, we know that, but even with its limitations, it’s a quantum leap forward for us.

So when it went “pop” the other day it was a major issue to solve.

The nearest supplier of the component we needed was in Zagreb. The problem was distributors sell complete systems, not individual parts.


However one distributor was willing to split a system (only he knows why) to help.

A quick visit to Zagreb (6 hours round trip) and we are back in business, so to speak.

We are now “back to normal”

It’s been a wake up call to us that as “Digital Nomads” we need redundancy plans in place so we can continue to create at the pace we need.


Next micro project is to map out fast uploading free wifi access points in local cafes etc.

As a footnote, our UK Satellite system supplier is dispatching a further replacement part by courier. Should be here in a few days

Hopefully this will offer some digital insurance for us.

Frustrations of a Digital Nomad.

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