Digital Publishing from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Digital Publishing from Bosnia and Herzegovina

It’s dusk here in the village and after a warm, sunny Wednesday.

I have my home office door open (it’s a small outbuilding) and the evening birdsong (dusk chorus), is just so soothing to my ears.

I am sat on my “monging” (an old army slang word) couch, the place where I sit or totally crash and plan plans and try and stimulate some creativity from my ever ageing brain and mind.

I am also thinking of my Facebook LIVE broadcast I have planned for 30 minutes time.

My Facebook insights tell me 2100 local time is the best. I am about to find out.

I did however promote the broadcast, so let’s see.

I am just going to keep the “LIVE” this evening to just one thought and to keep it short.

Quality not Quantity.

I am then going to experiment with embedding the Video component into this blog post.

It might stimulate some views.

Who knows?

But as I sit here typing this out on my iPhone 6+, I am realising that I really do feel the most comfortable, creating content (whether that’s audio, video, imagery or text), on my mobile device, NOT on my laptop.

I wonder if I could just create, edit and publish, for an entire year, without any other digital tools?

Could be a challenge eh?

Digital Publishing from Bosnia and Herzegovina

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