Documenting for the Future | Refocussing the Blog.

Documenting for the Future

Documenting for the Future.

A WhatsApp video call last night from Brooklyn, made the “Penny Drop Moment” for me.

Here’s the back-story.

Recently I have been going back through my previous posts here on this blog and thinking about all of the content I have posted.

What’s the point behind it all?

Why have I taken the time to video events and places?

Why are there so few text only posts?

Why should anyone bother to read, to subscribe, to support, to be even mildly interested?

To be honest, although in my original about me page I wrote about me wanting to make random readers enthusiastic to come and visit this region, I haven’t had a clue.


For the past few years, my focus towards my Vlogging, Podcasting and Blogging has been haphazard to say the least.

Promoting the blog has been an uphill struggle.

Let’s be honest, when you Google either “Bosnia and Herzegovina” or the “Western Balkans”, you hardly find something positive or upbeat. It’s mainly results that link to shitty politics or the evil that was the conflicts of the 1990’s.

What would people like to read about?

Difficult question when there’s been no engagement so far to the existing posts.

That brings me to that WhatsApp call.

My youngest daughter had called me in response to a comment I left on Facebook, where she had shown an image of her birthday present (a puppy). She was surrounded by my son in law and two grandsons.

It then hit me, that those two little boys across the ocean, and my two grand daughters in the UK, had no idea of what my life is like where I live.

I quite often say that documenting your life today, for future generations to see tomorrow, is important.

Well, it’s time I stopped “talking the talk” and started “walking the walk”.

Documenting for the Future.

From this post onwards, the focus is on documenting my life for my grandchildren.

I’m inviting you to follow me on this journey if you want.

In fact, it would be so cool if you could.

Documenting for the Future

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