Drones over Bosnia and Herzegovina

Drones over Bosnia and Herzegovina

Drones over Bosnia and Herzegovina

As my blog about the Balkans slowly grows, I am starting to meet, both online and in “real life” some amazingly talented storytellers.

Most are people with no formally journalistic or other media skills training.

Most, actually, don’t even view themselves as storytellers.

I am starting an occasional set of posts, showcasing what I consider great content from the Balkans.

I am hoping most will be from everyday people.

Maybe like you?

The first piece of content is from Dario.

Dario lives in Sweden but comes from Prnjavor in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Using a drone he shows the Monastery at Stuplje near Čelinac from a viewpoint most of us will never see.

If you read any of my blog posts or follow me on Social Media, you’ll know that I love tech.

The advances in all things digital media I find fascinating.

These developments have removed the entry point for everyone to media creation.

Today’s mobile devices allow us all, (like Dario), to produce multi-media content that can be distributed, without external editorial or quality controls, to a world wide audience.

Information has been truly democratised.

How that information is judged or distributed by this world wide audience is now merit based, in other words good content will flourish, poor content will have limited appeal.

Governments and large corporations are learning (some the hard way) that’s it’s not business as usual, as far as influence is concerned.

Drones over Bosnia and Herzegovina

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