Dubioza Kolektiv – Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dubioza Kolektiv

Dubioza Kolektiv – Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I first heard this rather unusual name mentioned, umm, maybe 10 years or so ago?

At that time I thought, OK, someone has an interest in Dub or Reggae and were playing cover songs.

At the time, (even though I was the wrong side of 40), I was enjoying Trance very much, so didn’t feel too inquisitive about a Bosnian Dub outfit.

Digressing for a bit.

The musical genre I love passionately is World music and almost any form of Ethno-fusion.

Spin forward to about 3 years ago and I am in the PRESS area at the annual Demofest in Banja Luka.

The main act of the first evening is the “Dubioza Kolektiv“.

Oh well, I am here, so I can at least be polite and give them 15 minutes.

Over an hour later, I am in a state of ecstatic shock. The most original, exciting, dynamic, anarchic, performance I have seen in recent years.

Totally Amazing, AND, if you understand anything about the politics and ethnic nuances of Bosnia and Herzegovina then the lyrics will cut to the bone.

Multi Culti and Progressive Views at almost every verse.

I could wax lyrical and come across as sycophantic and that’s not the aim here at all.

The Dubioza offer all their repertoire as free downloads, bucking the trends in more way than one.

Some of their material is in the “language” of Bosnia and Herzegovina and others in English.

To be honest, there’s such precious little that Bosnia and Herzegovina can shout about to the world.

The Dubioza is a shining exception!

Look out for them touring in Europe and invest in a ticket. You won’t be disappointed.

Their latest album “Happy Machine” has strayed a little away from the Dubioza we all have grown to know, but maybe this slight commercialisation of the album is a reality for musical survival in 2016.

My vote is that they stay singing in their own language, but once again pragmatism will trump that.

The following Soundcloud playlist is a MUST LISTEN.

The latest album “Happy Machine” you can hear HERE.

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I have not been paid or rewarded in any way to write this post.

Dubioza Kolektiv – Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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