How to Eat Khinkali Correctly.

How to Eat Khinkali

I learn How to Eat Khinkali correctly.

After posting an earlier video that caused such an insult, I get my friend Khatia to teach me How to Eat traditional Georgian Khinkali, the correct way.


You can find a recipe for Khinkali by clicking on this image

Please make sure you don’t commit cultural suicide when eating Georgia’s favourite food (especially in Tbilisi).

Different regions of Georgia make khinkali with different fillings.

The most popular filling is a pork/beef mix. In the mountains, khinkali is often made with a lamb filling. Fillings can also include Imeretian cheese mixed with cottage cheese; mushrooms; and mashed potato.

You can find out more about Khinkali HERE

I learn How to Eat Khinkali correctly.

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