Etno Grupa Iva – An Amazing Group from Bosnia and Herzegovina

etno grupa iva

Etno Grupa Iva – An Amazing Group from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the recent Kozara Etno Festival held in Banja Luka I was introduced to an amazing Ethno-Fusion Group called “Iva”.

I say introduced, when I should really say that I saw them perform, was amazingly impressed, and immediately the following morning started to find out more about them.

As well as being dynamic and creative musicians they also hail from Doboj a town about 2 hours drive away.

To help introduce you to Etno Grupa “Iva” I have curated a few videos below that can tell you more about their “amazingness” than I could write here.

So please scroll through and see (hear) what talents hide away here in the western Balkans.

etno grupa iva

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