Extreme Sports in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Drill and Chill Fest

Extreme Sports in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Drill and Chill Festival.

I don’t do scary. I don’t do heights. I am a wimp at heart.

Weird you might say, seeing I have worked in some pretty dangerous places in my life and never gave much thought about the situations I was in.

But Yes, I am a wimp!

Tamara and I were recently invited by our friend Berengere to visit a new climbing festival for both Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans region.

Extreme Sports in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Drill and Chill Festival.
The Drill and Chill Festival is the brain child of Austrian climber David Lemmerer who’s sort of fell in love with the region and decided to stay for some nine months in the Banja Luka area.

David and David
The Drill and Chill festival is the first of its kind in the country and an addition to Extreme sports in Bosnia. Although we spent just a few hours at the base camp and one of the “bolting sites”, I can honestly say that the professionalism displayed at every aspect was what had the most impact on me.

Here are our interviews with David, Bolting “expert” Dirk, and my thoughts, as I stand quite scared looking over the canyon.

The base camp for the Festival was situated in a remote farm near the village of Rekavice. A very short walk further (through medium forestry) brought us out on the extreme edge of the Vrbas Canyon but some 150 metres or so high above the river bed.
Tamara and I (to be honest) tried our best to hide our fear of heights (not too sure if we managed it though) and to act normally.

Scared of Heights
The people we met were simply amazing.

Dedicated to their sport, the pursuit of “pushing the limits” and blessed with a healthy sense of humour.

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I quickly realised that for some climbers the quest to discover “virgin” rock is a big pull, and the rock in the Vrbas Canyon is one of these rare places in the world that haven’t been exploited by the climbing fraternity, yet.


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During our very short visit, we met climbers from around the world, learned that the Banja Luka area had the potential to be a “must visit” place especially for “multi pitch” climbers and that Bosnia and Herzegovina as a country has so much to offer the “extreme sports” community.

I hope that this post gets you interested in finding out more about this wonderful country as well as an amazing, challenging and exhilarating sport.

Extreme Sports in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Please drop us any comments or questions you might have and we will try our best to answer them.

Extreme Sports in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Drill and Chill Festival

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