The Ferhadija Mosque and Peace Building

Ferhadija Mosque

The Ferhadija Mosque

There “IS” Light at the End of the Tunnel.

Sometime ago I received a contact here on the blog, concerning the Ferhadija Mosque in Banja Luka.

It was from Donald Reeve, a Brit, who had been involved in getting the Mosque (destroyed in 1993), rebuilt.

This past weekend I have had the opportunity both to meet Donald and to hear a story that I suspect few will ever know about.

I would like to share Donald’s story with you here.

It is both extremely informative and inspirational.

These past few days I have also saturated my social media feeds, with content regarding the re-opening of the Mosque.

I haven’t a clue actually why I feel I should apologise for that.

So I don’t and won’t.

Hopefully the images and video (with all their imperfections), have given a window into the event in an open way.

Ferhadija Mosque - 7th May 2016

I am, after all, a fan of social sharing.

The reporting from traditional media outlets both locally, regionally and internationally has been shoddy at best, regurgitating, in the main, the same old same old (with an underlying defeatist narrative). I include the BBC and others in this. It’s my opinion, and that, I am entitled to.

There IS a future for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The realisation of that future is simply going to take longer than most of us ever considered.

But, time is a healer.

Of that there is, in my mind, no doubt.

The Ferhadija Mosque and Peace Building

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