Fly-Tipping in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Fly-Tipping in the Village Where I Live.

A walk down the start of the valley near where we live, which I think is beautiful.

It would be even more beautiful and attractive if the locals in the area could understand the impact of their dumping of household refuse has on the local eco-system.

When I first arrived in the country I couldn’t believe that rubbish, refuse, garbage etc was just dumped anywhere and I mean ANYWHERE by some rural populations.

OK, I get it. After a violent conflict certain civil society activities take some time toi get back to normal but I am talking some 20 years on!

Admittedly as well, municipalities etc are building refuse disposal plants, and even where I live there is an effective collection service for everyday household refuse.

But still., along the banks of our beautiful river just 500 metres away, there are still dumps of building waste, the occasional freezer or washing machines (although not so many as years ago), garden waste and much more.

Fly-Tipping in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Fly-Tipping in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Fly-Tipping in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

And to add insult to injury, some people set fire to these areas in the naive and totally uneducated hope that this makes things better.

Tyres, plastic and ‘fridges on fire are doubly harmful the the environment.

Some how “Fly Tipping” needs to be made a punishable offence.

But whilst Bosnia and Herzegovina remains dysfunctional, can tacking such a low level civil society issue ever be successful (at least in the short term)?

Fly Tipping is the English phrase for people illegally dumping household waste.

Fly-Tipping in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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