The Funky Guerrilla of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Funky Guerrilla

A Funky Guerrilla is living in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It’s no secret that Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is a totally dysfunctional country.

According to Transparency International the country is 76/168 on the corruption index.

Youth unemployment is (officially) at 57.5%, the highest youth unemployment rate in the world!

Things don’t seem to be looking any better anytime soon, and this is 20 years after the Balkans conflicts of the 1990’s have ended.

For the past 6 years, a group of dynamic young people in the northern border town of Gradiška , have been operating an NGO called “Most” (Bridge).

They are now launching what is claimed is the first social enterprise in BiH.

Fundraising is also being conducted using IndieGoGo.

Here’s their “pitch” video

and here’s THEIR story in THEIR words:

“Since we began our experience as NGO, six years ago, we provide employment, training, education, volunteering and mobility opportunities to young people in Gradiška on a regular basis, but also to provide social services to children in risk, coming from dysfunctional families.

Funky Guerrilla

We believe that the connection between all these activities can be found in our wish to invest our skills, knowledge and lives in the community and the country where we belong, Bosnia and Herzegovina. That is also the reason why, for the past two years, our team has been developing a social enterprise, our own clothing production and the brand – Funky Guerrilla.

Setting up a social enterprise means trying to provide secure and independent fundings to our social mission and tackling the main issue young Bosnian citizens are facing: unemployment.

The Guerrilla community is growing day by day and it is spreading all around. But trying to settle a sustainable enterprise in one of the poorest country in Europe is a big challenge that needs your support.

Funky Guerrilla

#SupportGuerrilla is a campaign with a clear mission: with your support we want to raise 21.000$ to invest in our social enterprise in order to create 3 new permanent job opportunities for young women coming from the rural area and open to door for Funky Guerrilla to enter a wider market. Consequently, this investment will help us gain a higher income which we will again invest in creating even more job opportunities and a stable financial support for our community activities.

Step by step, #SupportGuerrilla has become not just a fundraising campaign, but a collective storytelling where different souls of the Guerrilla Community are contributing with their creativity and skills.

Funky Guerrilla

From The Guerrilla Case, our funky comic which narrates the adventures of Detective Harras and Detective Ilicic investigating the Guerrilla Case, to our campaign video; from interviews of the Guerrilla members to our designers and production new funky clothing.

Funky Guerrilla

All of this effort was put in order to present to you, in the best possible manner, what Guerrilla means to us and why we want it to spread.

If you feel like a member of the Guerrilla Community there are several ways you can help us reach our goal. You can make a direct contribution on IndieGoGo and receive some of our Funky perks or you can help us spread the message of the Guerrilla Community and the #SupportGuerrilla campaign by sharing it with your contacts and networks”.

So there you have it.

Youth innovation, creating solutions that their governments (there are 3 presidents and 14 prime minsters for 3.8 million people) can’t or more closer to home, wont.

The Funky Guerrilla of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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