Can I Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

Can I Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

Can I Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

Disclosure before we start.

I live with Tamara. I have been supporting her on the tech side of developing her new project.

We do lots together.

Now, with that out of the way, you might think then, that I am an active (or wannabee active) pro fitness orientated kind of person.

I should be. For some 30 years I was an active soldier. Fitness every day! Wasn’t too keen on the gym stuff, but put a heavy pack on my back and I could run forever (sort of). AND I enjoyed it!

On the day I was discharged from the army I had an amazingly childish, rebellious, epiphany.

Among many things, I decided no more active fitness. I felt like I had “paid my dues” and the “easy life” was for me.

And that’s how’s it’s been for quite sometime. A life focussed on “living to eat” rather than “eating to live”.

I put on weight, and some. But to be honest I wasn’t feeling upset with myself as I sampled the cuisine of the various countries I was fortunate to visit. In fact it was a BLAST.

Over the past months I have flirted with various diet regimes that Tamara has had the hots for and also started to use my stationary bike.

I have lost a bit of weight but nothing earth shattering.

Tamara has decided to launch her project focussed on people who, like her, are over 40.

I fall snugly into that demographic.

The past week has seen me invited to so many traditional and cultural meals where the tables are literally groaning with meat, breads, sauces and lakes of alcohol that I actually felt pain from eating.

Can I Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle
The timing therefore couldn’t be more fortunate.

As I lie here crashed on the couch I am mulling over the reality of achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Is the coming period going to be Easy, Difficult, Painful, Stressful?

I can’t help but remember the army phrase of “no gain without pain”.

Surely cutting back on unhealthy foodstuffs can’t be painful.

Can it?

I will try and keep you updated.

Can I Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

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