Improving My Blog with an Online Course.

Improving My Blog

Improving My Blog

Yes, you know where I am.

Improving My Blog

On the office couch (well I have to say it is the most comfy place to get ideas and plan plans).

It’s 0730.

We’re back to good weather again in the village.

Another day in the high 20’s.

This blog has been running (can blogs run?) for the past two years or so.

It started as a hobby for me, but over the past year I have been wondering whether to dedicate more time and effort to my blogging. To make everything more “professional”, more dynamic, better for my tiny but dedicated “band of followers”.

Well I have taken the plunge!

As I am rather “out on a limb” here, and by that I mean not being able to socialise in real life with other English language bloggers, I have been looking for guidance and assistance on-line.

It’s so daunting as there seems to be more people offering all sorts of blogger courses etc than maybe there are actual bloggers.

However, I found what I think is the best structured course, for me.

Improving My Blog

12 weeks duration, limited course members (50), a dynamic and interactive support group of like minded people and quick response mentorship.

I am already at the start of week 3 and can see real change in how I am creating content, tweaking the design of the blog and its usability and feeling more confident in myself.

I am not the brightest bulb on the Christmas Tree so things are going at a slow pace but maybe that’s not such a bad thing?

If you are a blogger who’s stumbled across this post and want to “up your game” or maybe you are just someone that likes reading blogs and feels like “giving blogging a go”, then may I suggest checking out Monica Stott’s course?

Improving My Blog

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