The Lipik Lippizzaners.

Lipik Lippizzaners

Lipik Lippizzaners.

Count Izidor Jankovic built horse stables and established a Stud Farm on his estate in Lipik in

The Stud Farm was authorized to become a national Stud Farm in 1938 when the Royal National Stud Farm Petrovo-Stanèiæ moved to Lipik.

The Stud Farm Lipik has had an important role in horse breeding, particularly in breeding Lipizzaner horses while the Stud Farm itself has been distinguished as being the only Stud Farm in the world to breed black and bay horses.

During the conflict between Croatia and Serbia in the 1990’s, the stud farm was systematically destroyed, especially by an attack using napalm.

Many horses were killed or died in the stables while 88 horses were stolen and taken to Serbia in November 1991.

After long negotiations between the governments of Croatia and Serbia, on October 12 2007, eight originally stolen horses were returned to their native Stud Farm in Lipik.

The stud still bears the signs of war damage around the area.

Today the State Stud Farm Lipik is focused on breeding, selection and training of the Lipizzaner breed while developing its tourist facilities.

Visiting the stud is possible at Baranjska 18, 34551 Lipik, Croatia
Phone: 00385 (0)34 421 880

Lippizzaner is the correct spelling, NOT as I put on the title to this blog 🙁

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Visiting the Lipik Lippizzaners.

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