A Day Out to the Lovćen National Park.

Lovcen National Park

A day out to the Lovcen National Park.

Weather-wise, the early part of October in Montenegro can be a bit of a “hit and miss” affair.

This year (2016), it been leaning towards a MISS and by that I mean miserably overcast, cold and WET.


Tamara and I knew the risk but wanted to be here anyway.

Our “holiday home” isn’t blessed with too much in the heating department but we wrap up warm and tons of blankets on the bed at night makes life super comfy 🙂

The plan was to explore the immediate area around Kotor everyday but the weather influenced us to think otherwise.


We got a break for a day. We awoke to almost clear blue skies, a fair breeze and some warmth.

Within a very short time we were off to visit the first item on the visit schedule, Lovćen National Park and more importantly the mausoleum of Njegoš, the famous Prince-Bishop and, I think, the most famous of all Montenegrins.

The route from Kotor is not all that apparent to be honest, but some simple research using trip advisor, got us onto an ever narrowing road that took us up the mountain on a serpentine of 25 tight bends.

It seemed that every bend offered a more spectacular view of the bay below and as we climbed more, we could see even the Adriatic Sea itself!

At the top of the mountain we entered the national park which cost €4 and a further 30 or so minutes driving ever upwards until finally reaching the mausoleum.

Parking is a bit “Heath Robinson” to be honest but at least free.

You simply can’t miss the steps (all 462 of them) that lead up to Njegoš’s final resting place.

The mausoleum isn’t at all elaborate. Extremely simplistic. But the views are stunning. Njegoš chose this spot as he wanted to view his country from his grave.

He certainly found THE location.

The clouds started to close in on us while we were there but on a hot Montenegrin summers day, this location surely has to be one of the best places to be in the entire western Balkans.

This vlog of our day in Lovćen will say more than any words I write here can.

If you have any questions at all about the western Balkans, especially where we live (in Bosnia and Herzegovina) just drop us a line.

We would be happy to help 😉

Lovcen National Park

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