Media Training in Tbilisi

Media Training in Tbilisi

Media Training in Tbilisi.

I have recently returned back home to the village here in north west Bosnia and Herzegovina, from another amazing visit to Tbilisi.

Media Training in Tbilisi

Its been nearly 3 years now since I was extremely fortunate to be asked, to help train the next generation of activists in the South Caucasus, in leveraging the power of online radio to support their individual projects.

I am an advocate of online broadcasting.

Media Training in Tbilisi

In my humble opinion, online radio will replace traditional broadcasting over the next 3-5 years and fill the “radio space” until podcasting finally dominates, as the preferred choice of audio content consumption.

Podcasting, if you didn’t know, delivers “radio on demand”.

Here’s a podcast I produced about this particular training session.

I digress (as is normal for me).

This recent visit has been to introduce and train another cohort of future online broadcasters, this time from Azerbaijan.

Media Training in Tbilisi

Media Training in Tbilisi

Media Training in Tbilisi

Online Radio stations will commence broadcasting over the coming weeks and months covering such diverse content as:


Youth Issues.

LGBT rights.

Civil Society.

Information for Minority’s.


Media Training in Tbilisi

These stations are part of the Microwav.FM initiative, that Prague based Sourcefabric are driving, funded by the Swedish International Development Agency.

Empowering people to drive their own projects is extremely important, and to that end I spent 2 extra days “training the trainers” to provide extra skills to these “newbie”, Azerbaijani broadcasters.

Watching people realising and grasping the power of web broadcasting is, for me, both great fun and hugely rewarding.

Media Training in Tbilisi

This may well have been my last training trip to the South Caucasus with the microwav project, but I am surely keeping in touch by being an online listener and contributing tips and advice if needed.

If you would like to find out more about how Sourcefabric help in the digital media space contact Doug Arellanes 

Media Training in Tbilisi

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