Helping me think differently – Meditation .

Meditation - Helping me think differently.

I have, for sometime, been trying to use Meditation as a way to throw off the institutionalised programming I have lived with/by for most of my life so far.

Or at least challenge it.

Like many people over the age of (well thats private right?), I no longer blindly swallow the bucket loads of influence messaging that government, state and church decide between them, to throw at us and dictate that we should abide by.

Apparently most of us don’t “wake up” until later life, and I can certainly agree with that statement!

So now I am starting to look for a more peaceful route through my remaining years, of which, I hope, theres still many.

I have started by taking a little time each day to clear the mind (and as my mind consistently races, that’s a challenge).

I have, what I believe is called a “monkey mind”.

@tampej calls it meditation, (as do many others) and I am slowly buying into the concept as well as looking for focus.

Meditation - Helping me think differently.
I recently read “Buddhist Boot Camp” (for the second time), a really cool and easy to digest book that shows that Buddhism could be just what I am looking for.

Buddhism DOESN’T have to be full of rituals, ceremony and all that other paraphernalia that turns me off formalised religions.

My attitude towards my fellow creatures has changed that’s for sure and my anti-establishment thoughts help to counter the life anxiety I was feeling.

First step then is to create a “corner” where I can focus and start to “meditate”. And that’s just been done.

Meditation - Helping me think differently.
Next is to re-prioritise.

Meditation – Helping me think differently
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