Thinking About Real Life Meetups.


Thinking About Real Life Meetups.

Over the past few months it seems that more and more people from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are finding my blog and also commenting on my YouTube channel.

It’s taken me a bit by surprise actually, as I had visualised my one reader or viewer as coming from outside the Balkans.

In fact my aim was, (and to an extent still is) to expose this beautiful region and especially BiH to people who might still consider this an unsafe or scary place.

Of course it’s anything but.

Recently I have been contacted by some of my “followers” on Social Networks, to meet in “real life”.

So far I have done this twice.

I was uncertain about doing it to be honest as:

A. I didn’t want to disappoint and
B. I didn’t want to ruin any perceptions.

From these first two meetings I have actually gained some comments and observations that I don’t think I would ever have got just via my blog or vlog.

I have learned a lot from these micro-bursts of feedback.

When I got home from the last meeting (with Zoran), Tamara asked if I had taken a “selfie” for the blog.

Ummmm. I hadn’t.

We then discussed about how things were progressing for us in the blogosphere and vloggosphere, and maybe it would be a good idea to organise a “Meetup” or “Get Together”, in Banja Luka (to start with), for people from our blog and vlog community.

It’s something I’m going to be thinking a lot about.

Would you come along?

Thinking About Real Life Meetups.

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