A Solution for Micro-Blogging in the Balkans | Part 2.


A Solution for Micro-Blogging.

In a previous post here on the blog, I mentioned that I had started to incorporate a “micro-blog” into An Englishman in the Balkans.

That micro-blog is “The Banja Luka Blog“.

To keep things simple AND as easy to update as possible I have built a small but effective blog utilising Evernote and the Web Hosting company Postach.io.

This allows me to create and publish content straight from my mobile device.

The basic Evernote account is free as is Postach.io.

So all I have actually paid for is the domain name for my new micro-blog.

OK this is how things are organised.

If you don’t already have an Evernote Account or Postach.io then open one.

Evernote Account:

Open a new notebook (with the name of your blog).

Create a new note for each new post. You can attach images and also include html codes, if you want to include Vimeo or YouTube videos.

Evernote allows you to include external links, bold fonts etc.

The only thing that I haven’t found out how  to do yet, is to preview my posts prior to upload 🙁


Create a new site.

There are only a few extremely basic themes available at the moment but more are due to be released.

I am using the APEX theme at present.

But to be honest, for micro-blogging, they are just what’s needed.

Basic, functional, and no complicated “Bells and Whistles”.

You can either use the postach.io extension or a custom domain name.

Once the theme etc are set up, all you need to do is follow the simple steps to “synch” postach.io with your Evernote Notebook.

Once completed, go back to your post you wrote in Evernote and include the tag “published”.

When you use this tag in a post, Postach.io ensures the post is published in the blog on synchronisation.

To create a page the same procedures apply except you take the note with “published” AND “page”.

Now synchronise your Evernote account.

Check you domain or posrach.io domain extension and you should see your blog LIVE.

If for any reason there’s confusion etc then Postach.io have a good help section that easily guides you through the set up stages.

As I said, this won’t give you an amazing flashy blog design with widgets and all the rest, but for a simple micro-blog it’s amazingly simple and quick.

If you are considering micro-blogging this set up might just be fit you.

A Solution for Micro-Blogging.

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