Montenegro Mission Fail !!!

Montenegro Mission Fail

Montenegro Mission Fail

We have another two full days left of this trip to Montenegro.

The past eight days have flown.

Having said that, another 7-10 day visit is already in the cards for early October.

Tamara and her young niece Viktoria, have been literally soaking up the amazingly hot and sunny days here and spending hours swimming in the sea.

I have been amusing myself as well, although not at the beach. I just don’t get lying in the sun and I’m not the worlds greatest fan of swimming.

When you walk along the shoreline in Prčanj, you can’t help but notice the ruins of an old church almost hidden by overgrown foliage, high on the hillside overlooking the town.

I have often had the urge to see it “up close”. BUT. Have never found either the time or energy.

I have been told that it’s inaccessible, but also read on tripadvisor that people have actually got inside the walls.

Who to believe then?

What to do?

Well today, and ignoring the 6 P’s (Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance), I decided to set off in search of the route to the church.

No map.

No idea.

Nothing really.

So off I went. Walking up every track I thought might take me closer the church but every-time just culminating in a “dead end”.

After the fourth time walking up ever steeper roads and tracks at 28C plus, I realised the futility of my adventure.

I actually felt annoyed with myself that everything had gone wrong.

But you know it hadn’t.

I was drenched in sweat, so obviously my body had worked out.

I had seen parts of Prčanj I otherwise wouldn’t have.

I actually felt excitement at sort of being lost.

So, what really had happened was I had had an adventure.

A really positive experience to be honest.

Montenegro Mission Fail

So I made way to the Kafe Centar in Prčanj, met up with Tamara and Little Viki and dried out my totally soaked shirt.

After which I published a vlog about it on my YouTube channel.

Today’s lesson is that you are never to old to have adventures!

Montenegro Mission Fail

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