The Montenegro Vlog 2017 | Season 1

Montenegro Vlog 2017

Montenegro Vlog 2017

Montenegro is a neighbour country to the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It’s size is small, with a population of just under 600,000.

We have been visiting the Kotor area of Montenegro twice annually for the past 13 years or so.

We made the switch from visiting the Istrian Island of Rab, Because of the rising costs as a result of Croatias membership of the European Union and the explosion of Croatian Tourism.

This series of Video Blogs (vlogs), documents our Montenegrin adventure in late June, early July 2017.

Any comments, questions or observations that you might have, please use the comments section below, and we will try and respond as soon as possible.

Click on the image above to watch the Montenegro Vlog 2017 Season 1.

Montenegro Vlog 2017

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