The Mostar Rock School (and Dubioza Kolektiv)

Mostar Rock School

You just HAVE to watch @dubiozakolektiv at the Mostar Rock School.

The Dubioza are my ALL TIME favourite group/band from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since originally posting this back in December 2015, the school has now serious funding issues they need to address if they are to continue.

This is from their Facebook page. If you could help, you would be contributing to something so important as it involves the youth of Bosnia and Herzgovina.

“You don’t just give up school of rock Mostar!”

“Mostar Rock school project was launched in 2012., and in four years of existence in school programs and precipitated over 500 young people.

Though informal, this is the only school in Mostar in which young people are not divided by ethnicity, nor any other affiliation. Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, his nickname “City Case” we certainly don’t emit a positive image of Mostar, nor would the entire society.

Small steps that are advancing so fast, what made rock school Mostar, are proof that the potential for normal development and coexistence is there and that is what the ruling structures promoting as impossible actually very simple and can be working.

Mostar Rock school has proven that he can.

After a 4 year project of Mostar rock school stays without funding needed for work. Donors who have supported by now the school are due to higher priorities and events in the middle east have changed the course, you don’t have any more opportunities to support this program.

Unless I find a solution to the school will stop working in September 2016. years old.

It would have collapsed the dreams of a generation that pierced the walls and shown that music can bind and create solid bridges between people, so much faster and stronger than politics.

Life today is fast, and the system is it’s hard to look through the eyes of others, and thus more and more difficult to feel worth someone else’s needs.

But to support a good idea and something that brings happiness and possibility for developing others, especially young people, is exactly what our world is moulding into healthy shape and offers a bright future.

On this occasion we invite all those who share our vision for a better and fairer society to become members of rock school Mostar and their donations directly to continue working school.

Your donations will directly affect creating opportunities for socialisation and bonding each other young people that use their creative teamwork setting new standards would society.”

You can play too, donate and help the school keep working!

This project helps with tolerance and understanding as well as music.

Tolerance is more important today here in Bosnia and Herzegovina, than it was back in the 1990’s when the conflict was taking so many lives.

The Mostar Rock School (and Dubioza Kolektiv)

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